About the company

High quality items

Small volume orders

minimum 10 bags / backpacks

Affordable prices

Fast and regular supplies

Delivery of articles around the world

Possibility of ordering personalized bags

We specialize in the production of sports bags for various sports disciplines.

We are a company that has been working with a Chinese company for years to produce and distribute sports bags and backpacks.

For many years we have been working with various European companies engaged in the sale and production of sports products of our own brands, as well as with companies engaged in the sale of non-nominal (neutral) items.

Since we want to help companies with smaller needs for bags and backpacks, we have stocks of neutral (imitated) handbags and pockets in the warehouse (EU).

In this way, we can offer our customers bags and backpacks in small quantities at affordable prices.

We look forward to your every question. If you want to be convinced of the quality of the bags, we can also provide you with a sample.
Thank you for your time and trust!

Personalization (printing) of articles.

In addition to the sale of handbags and backpacks, we also specialize in the personalization (printing) of articles. For you, we can print the bags and backpacks for the final delivery of clubs, associations, companies, etc …

Izberite Barvo
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